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"Put it Down" Campaign launched by Florida Department of Transportation

National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking solutions to preventable teen deaths and injuries on the road. The next National Teen Driver Safety Week takes place October 15-21, 2017. To help strengthen our awareness efforts, the District will once again partner with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in its “Put it Down” campaign, which discourages cell phone use while driving.

During the four weeks leading up to Teen Driver Safety Week, FDOT developed messages that will be shared via the District’s portal/website. There will be a different message each week, focusing on the severity of distracted driving and ways to avoid dangerous driving behaviors.

Three simple steps for safer driving:
  • Put away your phone (or other device) before you start driving.
  • Safely pull off the road if you need to send a text or make a call.
  • Don’t tempt other drivers to text or talk.

Take the no-texting pledge!

Carry this as a reminder of your commitment to safer driving.
Talk to another person (witness) about this pledge. Discuss the steps for safer
driving together before signing your names below.





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